Under the title Roadkill I produce a series of large canvasses that have the American Roadside as a theme. I present my own vision on this landscape with motives like: violence, guns, loneliness, cars and crime. The Roadkill project still sees regular expansion as new works get added.

The works measure about 220 x 150 cm (86 x 59 inch) and are made using mixed techniques (ciglée and screenprint on canvas). The latest addition to the series is 'Green Elvis'. A green landscape is the background for an image that shows us the rear end of a Cadillac that is buried into the ground. Several images of the 'King' are positioned in the image, as well as a skull, gun and stars, and graphics. Due to screenprinting with transparent ink it requires correct lighting to reveal some of these images. There is an Elvis on his Harley in the lower right corner that isn't visible in this picture. In the correct reflection of light this image appears.

Elvis was known for his love of guns, hence the line 'Man needs his toys to play'. There is another line in the left upper corner that reads: 'All dressed up just like an Elvis from hell'. This of course is a lyric from the song 'For the love of Ivy' by the Gun Club.

Under the title 'A race against time' I am working on a series about European dragracing. The project consists of a series of large format canvasses.